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The Data-Driven Talent Analytics Firm

At Data Hire, we understand that hiring the right talent takes time and energy. We are a “Data First” company with a unique recruiting model. In addition to the traditional recruiting processes, Data Hire employs proprietary algorithms that create formulaic solutions made up from Predictive Modeling, WorkForce Analytics, Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments and Culture Fit data to provide you with the best, most retainable, qualified and “right fit” candidate for your role.

Data Hire takes the majority of subjective emotions and feelings out of the hiring process, with our unique objective, data-driven approach to finding your dream candidate.

This repeatable and measurable process provides you with credible and consistent results.

What is the Data First Approach?

We use Big Data and WorkForce Analytics to increase the statistical likelihood of candidate-to-role match, thus reducing attrition and saving your company time and money. Our repeatable and measurable processes provide you with credible and consistent results you can count on.


Ensuring your company's success

Data Hire is uniquely positioned to meet your needs by transforming the human capital landscape through Big Data and Workforce Analytics processes. Our data-driven approach ensures every candidate is properly matched to the expectations and requirements of the position.

Powered by WorkForce Analytics

You cannot afford to guess. You need the right person. Right Now!

Data Hire’s scientific process of utilizing Machine Learning and our proprietary algorithmic processing provides you with the opportunity to right size your candidate pool by both widening and narrowing the pool.

Data Hire WIDENS the pool by using science to discover “hidden gems” from Skinny Resumes® and other passive candidates.

Data Hire NARROWS the pool from candidates that traditional recruiting methods would see as a fit (great resume, but not a great fit), but simply are not right for the role you need filled.


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